01 Home Stylist

Are you a Home Stylist , do you want to compete on the market and give your customers the opportunity to project themselves at a glance?
Our software allows 2D drawing, 3D production with quality rendering.
Easy to handle and very easy to use.
To grow your business trust CASAQUADRA ,the software that will help you validate your quotations.

02 Interior Designer

Are you a decorator or interior designer, do you want to go fast and offer your customers the opportunity to project themselves easily?
Our software is an essential tool for your business.
It allows you to switch from 2D to 3D in one click and offers stunning renderings.
CASAQUADRA your essential ally for the realization of your projects.
Your revenue partner.

03 Real Estate Company

Are you a real estate agency?
Do you need an easy-to-use and fast tool to show realistic renderings of goods for sale?
CASAQUADRA the partner you need.
Your client will be able to project himself easily.
A valuable aid for the sale of your properties.

04 Furniture retailer

Do you own a decoration store?
Do you work with your customers on the layout of their interior thanks to all the decorative products that you make available to them?
Do more! Design their project with them using our 2D and 3D software.
With a quick start, you can easily illustrate realistic renderings.
Arm yourself with a facilitating tool to make your sales a reality.

05 Kitchen designer

Are you a kitchen designer?
Is your job to make your customers imagine at a glance the rendering of their kitchen project?
In this case, join the CASAQUADRA community and make 3D your best ally with ease.
Very easy to use, our software includes all the steps from 2D to the final result.
The partner of your know-how.

06 Property Developper

Are you a property developer?
Your client must succeed in projecting themselves easily?
Test our software for free which will allow you to create 3D with ease.
A valuable tool, quick and easy to use, an asset for success.
There is no better way to explain than by demonstrating!