01 Your products in 3D

Do you have a 3D model of your products? Join the CASAQUADRA community.
You don't have any modeled products? No problem, our team can do it for you. Be part of the CASAQUADRA adventure and add your products to our library.

02 Photo Studio

Between photographers, product samples and scenography, traditional photography is resource-intensive.

Photo Studio by Coohom is a cloud-based self-service photo and video generation platform that provides over 1,000 customizable scenes to create all the content you need to update your portfolio immediately.

With our customizable camera angles and lighting effects, forget about sets, lighting, finding a photographer and waiting a month or more for your finished product. Get images up to 4K resolution in less than a day and save 80% or more in rendering time and cost.

03 Marketing

Have decorators try out your models before putting them on the market. Our system allows users to load 3D models and create their personal library for more freedom and creativity.